Review │Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

There are 8 colours in the Rimmel Apocalips range, from bright red to a pretty nude. 
As i recently picked up one of these i thought i would share my thoughts with you. 

Photo Credit To Fleur De Force.
Left-Right: Apocoliptic, Big Bang, Nova, Steller, Galaxy, Celestial, Luna Nude Eclipse.

I've heard alot of hype about these on the blogging scene so i picked up one just to see if i liked it, and i must say i really do like them. I wasn't too sure on the colour range first of all but after looking more into them the colours available are actually quite good for a highstreet/drugstore brand, the nude colours are nice shades of nudes and wont wash you out and the brighter pinks and red are not over the top bright, that it would put people off wearing them.  

The one i picked up was 'Nude Eclipse'. Its more of an orange nude so it doesn't look like your wearing foundation on your lips, which lets face it alot of nude lipsticks do.
Here is a closer look at it:

Overall i think these are great, i like the texture of them on the lips, they stay on the lips for quite a while, although they can start to look a little dry after a few hours but they don't make the lips feel dry. I think they actually feel quite moisturising and smooth. The only downfall is the smell, they smell horrible but once there on the lips the smell and taste goes after a few minutes.

Highly recommended and i will definitely be buying some more of the lovely colours available.
'Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer' retail at £5.99 in the UK. 
In the US they are called 'Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer' and retail at around $4.99.
You can purchase from a number of stores worldwide, here are a few just incase your not too sure where to buy them from.

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