Review │Milani Glimmer Stripes

i came across these on a recent shopping trip, and they are amazing. They can be used as blusher or bronzer. 

They all have amazing pigmentation and a great colour pay off. 
What i also loved about these was they all also have a highlighter in them, which is a great idea as it is then like a 2 in 1 product. 

They can be used as single colours or swirled all together for a lovely effect. They look and feel really nice on the skin too. As you can see from the first picture i have the colours 05,06,07 and 09 but if i can get my hands on any more then i will definitely be purchasing a few more.

Here are some individual pictures of each one:

I'm not too sure where you can buy these but i know they are roughly $7.00 from Cherry Culture, however I'm not too sure where you can get them from in the UK, 
i actually got mine from a poundland store, which was an amazing bargain.

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