MUA Eyeshadow Palettes | Undressed & Undress Me Too

MUA Undressed (Black Packaging) & Undress Me Too (White Packaging).

So I'm a big neutrals kinda girl, I'm not into bright, bold eyeshadow so i really love these two palettes, the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is amazing, they are very highly pigmented, although the matte ones don't have as much colour pay off as the shimmery ones do but are still quite good quality.
I bought the Undressed palette first, as it was out quite a while ago, it has a range of shimmery and matte colours and a couple of dark ones if you wanted to create a smokey eye. Plus i really like the sleek black packaging.

Here Are The Colours:

Much like the Undressed Palette, the Undress Me Too also has a variety of shimmery,  matte colours and dark colours. I really like the eyeshadows but Personally i am not keen on the white packaging, the black packaging is alot more sleek and clean looking.

Here Are The Colours:

I also like that on the back of both palettes they have a little mini master class which is brilliant for beginners who are not too sure on how to create a certain look.

As alot of you no, these have been compared alot to the Urban Decay 'Naked' and 'Naked 2' Palettes, and i agree with what people say, they are very similar and are a very good dupe but at a fraction of the price.

The Urban Decay Palettes cost £36 which is quite pricey and not everyone can afford that, so if that is the case i do highly recommend the MUA (Make Up Academy) which only cost £4 which is a complete bargain!

You can pick up the MUA Palettes at any Superdrug store or at Or at the official MUA website

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