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I've had these "Velvet Lip Lacquers" From the MUA Luxe range for a while now so i thought it was time i gave you guys a little review. For those who don't know or who havent heard of the brand MUA, its a british based make up company who are best known for its affordable and high quality products, built up from MUA (all £1).

This is what MUA Say;
Great makeup doesn’t need to cost the earth and it is MUA’s promise to bring surprising quality, colour, fun and innovation to each and every product it delivers. Bringing guilt free makeup to every ladies makeup bag!

The team at MUA towers are constantly thinking of ways of creating fantastic products that deliver great value to your makeup bags. Inspired by playing with colour, there is something for everyone and with the introduction of the Professional range consumers can buy amazing palettes, foundations and primers all for under £4!

‘Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank!’

MUA started off with products that were all just £1, but as their product range has grown and become bigger they have released a "Professional" range and a newly added "Luxe" range. The new lines are still very affordable with the most expensive being just £8.

Now onto the actual product review, I saw these on the MUA website quite a while ago but they have only recently been in the superdrug stores, so while i was in there a about 3 weeks ago i picked up these two beauties along with another product from the luxe range which was the "Luxe Power Brow" (blog post to follow soon). The first thing i noticed was how bright the colours seemed, which if im honest doesnt normally sway me as im a nude lip kinda girl but as they are only £3 each i thought i would pick up a couple of the shades.

The two shades i picked up were "Atomic" and "Funk". Atomic is a very vivid orangey red kinda colour and Funk is a bright neon pink. The pigmentation of them both is out of this world for how much they cost. They are amazingly pigmented and opaque after just one light coat. 

I think these are amazing and i think MUA have done a fab job with these although i do think because the colours are so bright and vivid you have to be quite brave to wear them, and if im honest i dont think i will wear them that often but if i did fancy a bright lip then these would definatly be the ones i would go for. If your the complete opposite to me and your a bright lip kinda girl then i deffinatly recommend them!

Alot of people have said that they don't find these last particuly long on the lips, but i havent found that, when ive worn them. They seem to last a pretty good amount of time on me, you just have to make sure you let them dry to a matte kind of look before touching your lips together.

Swatches From Left To Right; "Funk" And "Atomic"
All in all i think these are absolutly amazing, and a complete steal for the price. You can also purchase MUA if you live in america and other countires on their official website (listed below) as i know it is extremely hard to get otherwise. I highly recommend checking out some of their products if you can because most of them are such a great quality for such a small price. 
You can purchase these and any other MUA products from:

Do you own any of the velvet lip lacquers? What other MUA products do you own?
What are you love and hates from the brand?

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  1. Would have loved to see them on your lips... I've been wanting to try them for quite a while now! :D