Barry M Gelly Hi Shine "Sugar Apple"

I've recently gone nail polish crazy and i'm especially loving the pastel colours at the moment so the new spring pastel colours that Barry M have released to their "Gelly Hi Shine" range really interested me. In my opinion Barry M do some of the nicest nail polishes around, the colour range is great and the formula is amazing and the best part about them is how reasonably priced they are at just £3.99 each.

The Gelly Hi Shine range is extremely pigmented, dries quickly and is super easy to apply, after two coats you get a beautiful opaque, shiny finish. The point in the gelly range is that you don't need to apply a topcoat, however i normally apply one anyway just to be on the safe side to make it a little more chip resistant. "Sugar Apple" is a pale mint greeny-blue colour which happens to be one of my favourite colours so i definitely couldn't resist picking this up. If you haven't tried "Sugar Apple" yet then i recommend you check it out, i know pastel colours aren't for everyone but i personally love them. Huckleberry (a beautiful pale blue) and Rose Hip (a pale pink) were also added to their gelly range, which i am also excited to add to my ever growing Barry M nail paint collection.

You can purchase Barry M Nail Paint's at:

So what are your favourite Barry M nail polishes? Are you loving pastel polishes as much as i am?

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  1. Gorgeous colour!