MUA Lush Lilac Nail Polish

So nail polishes have always been one of my crazy obsessions and i'm pretty sure i have way more than i should have but still i buy more and more haha! However i love when i find one that is not only great but is also an extreme bargain.
 This is the MUA (Make Up Academy) nail polish in the shade "Lush Lilac" and i am in love with it, it is the perfect pastel lilac-pink. It applies quite sheer but is very build-able and with 3 coats you can get a lovely opaque finish as pictured above, pair it with a clear top coat and it is amazing. Its even, smooth and shiny. 
Chip resistant wise its pretty good, i had this on for over a week and it hardly budged but i did have false nails on so i don't know how long lasting this would be on natural nails but you should be able to get atleast a couple of days use out of it,probably more with a good topcoat.

The packaging is small but sleek and as many of you have probably noticed has a huge similarity to the Essie nail polish bottles, weather that was done purposely or not i'm not sure but either way its not a bad thing, especially if your comparing the two brands as the MUA nail polishes retail at just £1 each where as Essie nail polishes retail for £8 each. So if you love a bargain then i definitely recommend you trying some of these MUA polishes, and for just £1 you really can't go wrong.

You can purchase MUA from the following websites: