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I've recently done a little bit of naughty shopping so here's a look at what i picked up.

L'oreal Triple Active Day Light Moisturiser. RRP £6.49.
The first thing i picked up was this ''L'oreal Triple Active Day Light Moisturiser'', not too sure about this yet but i think its going to be really nice and look forward to using it more.

Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear Concealer. RRP £4.19.
This ''Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear Concealer'' as most of you know is a staple in so many people's make up bags and collection's. And it is amazing, this is about the 10th time I've repurchased it and will continue to do so for many more months or years unless something as good comes out. And for such a reasonable price you really can't go wrong.

MUA Power Pouts. RRP £3.00.
These are the ''MUA (make up academy) Power Pouts'' and as you can see are one of the many balm stain lipsticks, very similar to the ever so popular ''Revlon Kissable Balm Stains'' and the ''Clinique Chubby Sticks''. These are amazing and in my opinion a million times nicer than the Revlon ones and quite a bit cheaper. They feel alot nicer than the Revlon ones and also last a lot longer on the lips. I'm not so sure how they compare to the Clinique Chubby Sticks as I've never tried them but from what I've heard they are quite similar.

I will be doing a full blog post reviewing these very soon so keep an eye out for that if your interested in these, i think there fab!

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer. RRP £12.99.
The next thing i picked up was this ''Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer''. This is actually a repurchase, i first bought this when it first came out and i loved it, it really made a difference and my skin looked and felt lovely. Also the product lasts quite a long time, I've had mine roughly 3 months or so and i still have plenty left, i only picked up a new one as it was on offer. I highly recommend this. 

Johnson's Face Care Make Up Be Gone Extra Sensitve Face Wipes. RRP £3.05 (Look around as there normally on offer).
I got these for them ''Can't be bothered kinda days'' as they were on offer and i actually really like them, there really soft and smooth on your eyes and face. I will actually probably re-purchase them as soon as there finished!

Maybelline Baby Lips. RRP £2.99.
Last but not least is these ''Maybelline Baby Lips''. These had so much hype when they were released in the US that i was really excited to see them being released in the UK. So as soon as i saw them i had to pick up a few. I haven't used them yet but once I've tried them i will definitely be reviewing them so keep a look out for that.

I also bought this NYC bronzer but for some reason forgot to photograph it:
So far i love this bronzer and for such a cheap price its an absolute steal!

You can purchase all of the mentioned products in ''Superdrug''. And all but the MUA Power Pouts in ''Boots''.

Do you own any of the products mentioned? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wonderful post...I like your pretty blog.^^
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    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. Lovely post, your picks are great i really want to try the Baby Lips and MUA Power Pouts. Great blog xoxo