My Top 4 Beauty Ebay Picks

Top Row:

Nail Wheels │Pack of 10 for such a reasonable price of £2.75 with free postage.

Disposable Mascara Wand/Spoolys │Pack of 20 for just £2.66 with free postage.

Bottom Row:

Beauty Blender (dupe) Sponge │ These are amazing for the small price of just £1.39 with free postage.

Clear Acrylic Lipstick Holder │ One of the best things i;ve ever purchased from Ebay and it only costs £2.81 with free postage.

What are your thoughts on buying from Ebay? Do you buy anything similar to these from Ebay if so what?



  1. I have just bought the lipstick holder, major love for it for sure. Love your blog, just had to follow.
    Becka x

    1. Glad you love it! and aw thanks, will follow yours too :)

      Stacey xo

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