Review │Nails Inc "Big Apple Red" Nail Polish

So i was wondering around the supermarket the other day (exciting i know ha ha) and was browsing through the magazines and i noticed that Glamour magazine had a free Nails Inc polish, There was four colours to choose from, which i believe were Silver, Gold, Black and of course Red but as its near Christmas i thought the red would be nice so i picked it up. After having the polish a few days i absolutely love it so i thought why not share the love with you guys :)

For those of you who are familiar with nails inc polishes you will already know that they retail for £11 a piece, which i mean lets be serious, that's crazily expensive for a nail polish. So when i saw these in a magazine that costs roughly £3, i wasn't gonna pass it up. The colour i picked up was "big apple red" which is an amazing vibrant glamorous red. It is so pigmented and with just one coat you get a full coverage. 

Here it is on my nails, this was after two coats because as i said one coat gives it full coverage but i think two coats is just a bit safer. The nail polish goes on amazingly, none of that horrible streaking you can get with some polishes. It lasts a long time and i haven't noticed any chipping so far which is always a bonus!

I loved this so much that i went and picked up another magazine just to get another nail polish, i went for the black "New York Noirthis time as i didn't have just a basic shiny black, and just like "Big Apple Red" i was certainly not disappointed, the colour pay off was amazing! 

So overall i couldn't be happier because not only do you get a pretty great magazine but you get a free full sized high end nail polish which is absolutely AMAZING! Here's to hoping glamour team up with nails inc again because as much as i loved these nail polishes, would i go out and spend £11 on one?? I'm not so sure.

Do you have any of Nails Inc polishes?
 If so let me know some of your favourites!

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