NYC Smooth Skin Sunny Bronzer

I Picked up this bronzer on a complete whim, as the bronzer i was using decided to crack and go everywhere which as you can imagine was a complete mess haha, so i went on a little trip to Superdrug and tried lots of different ones but they all seemed to be either too dark or too orange. I then saw this which is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in the shade "Sunny", and i remembered everyone used to love this  a few years ago but at the time i could never get hold of it, i swatched it in the shop quickly and it seemed quite a good colour so i bought it and thought i would just see how i go with it and as it was only £1.99 it wasn't exactly going to break the bank if i didn't particularly like it.

The NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder gives your skin a sun-kissed yet natural looking bronze glow and what's great about this product is that it is completly matte which is so hard to find especially with highstreet/drugstore bronzers, So if you wanted to use it for contouring then you can not a problem. The "Sunny" bronzer is extremely buildable without making you look orange which is never a good look, so for those who like a really bronzed look then this is great for you aswell as those of you who, like me are on the pale skin side and just want a natural glow. 

For those who want to see how it looks on the skin here is two pictures of it on me, i used it all over with a light hand for an all over bronzed look 

I absolutely love this bronzer and once its finished i will 100 percent be buying it again. For the price i think its amazing and would pay alot more for it if i had to. 
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Have you tried the NYC Sunny Bronzer? What are your thoughts? Is it worth the hype?