Monthly Favourites│August

So i love looking at monthly favourite blog posts so i figured why not start doing some of my own.
Here are some of the things I've been loving this month!
Sleek I Divine Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette. RRP £7.99.

First is this eyeshadow palette from Sleek. This is the Au Naturel palette and i bought this quite a while ago, used it a handful of times and then put it in my make up drawers. It wasn't until recently I've really started to love it (as you can see from the photo above, its now pretty well loved). i love neutral eyes so for me this palette is perfect, the pigmentation of all the shades is amazing. The sleek eyeshadow palettes cost £7.99, which in my opinion is very reasonable for 12 different shadows.

MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder. RRP £2.50
Like the Sleek eyeshadow palette, i have also had this matte perfect powder by MUA for a while, i remember buying it and thinking it was okay, but nothing special and i hated how much mess it made (although I'm not too sure what i expected for a loose powder, of course its going to be messy haha!). But my sister was recently saying how much she loved this at the moment, so i thought i would dig it out and give it another try, and I'm really glad i did, because i really like it, it feels lovely on the skin, not drying at all. Not too much i can say about a powder but I'm really liking it. It retails for a complete bargain of £2.50, so for that price you really can't go wrong.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner. RRP £3.99.

This is without a doubt the best pencil kohl eyeliner I've ever used (and I've used ALOT). It stays on all day and doesn't budge what so ever. I have alot of trouble with pencil liners because my eyes water constantly and this is the only one I've ever used that has kept in place all day long. Love love love it!! It retails for the price of £3.99 which is extremely reasonable, i have repurchased this about 3 times and will definitely continue to do so.

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner. RRP £18.00

Sticking with eyeliner, this is the Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner in infinity. I was looking for a good gel liner for quite a while and tried so many and still wasn't happy with how they looked and how long they lasted on my eyes, until this beauty came along! I wasn't too sure about this first of all because as its illamasqua its not going to be particularly cheap. But i figured i would get it and give it a try and just hope for the best, so that is what i did, and i really love it, its extremely black and lasts for ages, i never have to touch it up throughout the day which is something i had to do all the time with previous gel liner. It costs £18.00 which i know is expensive for eyeliner, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for, and i will be repurchasing when the time comes because I'm yet to find one as good. 

MUA Power Pout. RRP £3.00.

I love all of these Power Pouts by MUA as most of you will no if you saw my review of them, but this shade has got to be my favourite, it is called "irreplaceable". It is the perfect lilac pink. I love how they feel and look on the lips. Please go out and get some of these if you can. They are amazing and super cheap, they cost only £3 and i can guarantee you wont be disappointed.

These are the Maybelline Baby Lips. These had so much hype when they were released in the US that i was really excited to see them being released in the UK. I have 4 of them, but these two are definitely my favourite and seem to be one of the only lip products i have found myself picking up to use. These two shades are "peach kiss" and "pink punch". They retail at a very reasonable price of £2.99.

Left To Right; Peach Kiss And Pink Punch. Maybelline Baby Lips. RRP £2.99

This is the "Real Techniques Buffing Brush" which they describe as the "ideal brush for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation". I couldn't agree with them more. This is the one and only brush i use for my powder, it works perfectly. You can purchase this in the "Core Collection" brush set for the retail price of £21.99.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush From The Core Collection. RRP £21.99

Nip And Fab Dry Leg Fix. RRP £10.25.

I got this Nip and Fab Dry Leg Fix free with a magazine a few months ago, i used it straight away and instantly fell in love with it. Nip and Fab say "This intensive balm immediately smoothes dry, flaky skin + nourishes with an innovative moisturising + restructuring hydra concept, leaving super silky legs"I agree 100 percent, it is literally a miracle cream for your legs. I do every now and then suffer from dry skin and this has made it vanish. It makes my legs feel so smooth and soft. It is amazing! I love this products and will definitely be purchasing the full size. Nip and Fab retails for £10.25.

MAC Fix+. RRP £14.50.

I have had Mac Fix + for quite some time now and for some reason stopped using it. But as the weather has been really warm in England lately, i figured i would start using it again and i really think it has helped keep my make up in place all day. It has now become a regular part of my make up routine. It costs £14.50 for the full size (100ml) which is the one i have, but if that's a bit pricey for some of you then you can also purchase a travel size which is 30ml for £8.00.

Tresemme Platinum Strength  Leave In Treatment. RRP £5.99.

Tresemme say "Use on wet or damp hair and style as normal to achieve beautifully strong, moisturised and healthy-looking hair". I use this on my hair everytime i was it, and i think its amazing, its helped my hair an incredible amount, it makes my hair feel and look so sleek and healthy. I tried the shampoo and conditioner from the platinum strength range and i wasnt too keen on them but this leave in cream is something i am going to be buying again and again. Tresemme Platinum Leave In Treatment retails for £5.99.

Left To Right; Alien By Thierry Muglar And Gucci Guilty. RRP £50.00-£70.00.

Last but by no means least is my favourite perfume's, i got these for my birthday in august and i am completly in love with them both. They both smell sooo good! These are now my go to perfumes, i couldn't be without them. They are both pretty pricey which is a downfall although i do think they are completly worth it. Alien by Thierry Muglar retails at roughly around £50.00 and Gucci Guilty retails at roughly £50.00-£70.00.

Links below to all the products mentioned:

What are your favourite products? What have you been enjoying the last month?



  1. We love the peach Baby Lips too. We deff want to try the tressame leave in since reading this post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You picked some great favorites! Thank you so much for just following my blog you helped me hit a milestone! I have followed back via GFC, great blog!
    Hannah :) x

    Love, Life, and Makeup Blog/Twitter/Pinterest

  3. The Real technique brushes look soo soft and I've heard amazing reviews about them, but they're too pricey for me :( I've been enjoying the Bubbi brushes at the moment, have you tried them? :)

    I love your blog, you have great reviews and haul posts, following you now on GFC! Would you like to follow back? ^^~