Beauty & Nail Haul │OPI, Milani & More

This haul is a little different from the normal beauty haul as i actually purchased all of these from "Poundland" which for those of you who don't live in the UK is a shop where everything is just £1.
I often go in there to snoop at there beauty items as they do normally have some Maybelline, Revlon and various other brands but i was extremely surprised to see they had a few OPI nail polishes.
Along with them i picked up a few other beauty bargains so here they are!

From Left To Right; "Black Shatter",  "Super Bass Shatter (From The Nicki Minaj Collection)" And "Shatter The Scales (From The Amazing Spiderman Collection)".
These are the OPI nail polishes i picked up. Two of them are "Shatter" polishes, which i am normally not too keen on, but as they were only a pound i figured i would get them anyway. I'm definitely going to be trying these out soon! 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color In The Shade "460 Wet Cement".
I have a few of these Xtreme Wear nail polishes by Sally Hansen, and i think they're great, also this colour isn't like many that i have in my collection so i figured why not give it a whirl and I'm glad i did because so far I'm loving it! I highly recommend picking some of these polishes up if you get the chance to.

I've never tried anything from the "Dainty Doll" Brand but i hear alot of positivity about it so when i saw this i had to buy it. When i first opened it in the shop to see the colour, i thought it was a bit bright but once its swatched its actually quite a pretty golden yellow as you can see in the photo below.

Dainty Doll By Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow In The Shade "006 Kingston Town"
Milani Glimmer Stripes In The Shade "10 Berry Glimmer" And Milani Sunset Duo's In The Shade "02 Sunset Strip"
Last but not least i picked up these two products from "Milani". I have a number of the Glimmer Stripes by them and i love them so this was just another nice one to add to the rest. The "Sunset Duo's" i had never tried before, but I've started using this and really love it so I'm super glad i picked that up :).

You can purchase all of the products mentioned from the links below:

If you live in the UK then definitely try and check out the poundland stores to see if you can find any bargains too :)

Have you tried any of the products mentioned? What are your opinions on them?


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