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As a lover of affordable make up, i thought i would give you an incite into my Elf (EyesLipsFace) make up collection that i currently own. Some good, some not so good.

First of all I'm going to start off with the blushers and bronzers i own:
(excuse the dirty packaging and mirrors). 

The Blushers and bronzers from Elf are one thing i am particularly fond of, I'm not so sure on the £1.50-£2.50 blush and bronzer range as i have never tried them but these are from the 'Studio' line, which to me is just another term for 'the more professional looking range' haha! I love these and actually don't use them nowhere near as much as i should.
The blushers i own are 'Candid Coral' and 'Fuchsia Fusion' and the bronzer is 'Golden'

Here's a closer look at the colours:
'Candid Coral'

'Fuchsia Fusion'
Blushers Left & Right, Bronzer In The Middle.

These are all amazing, the blushers are very highly pigmented so you have to be quite light handed with them but the bronzer is more of just a nice glow, you could probably use the bronzer colours individually but i personally like the effect the give all swirled together. I also used to have the blusher bronzer duo (the dupe for nars that everyone raves about) but somehow i lost it but that was lovely, probably one of my all time favourite Elf products.

Now onto the Eyeshadow pallettes i own, these are good but there not exactly wow. the pigmentation is better in some colours than others as to be expected but if your on a budget then you can still use these and create some lovely looks.

I'm not too sure if they actually sell any of these palettes anymore, however have a look around for them because you get some sellers on eBay selling elf stuff so keep an eye out for that.

Now onto a few random and eyebrow bits and bobs i own.

Wrinkle Refiner, Shimmering Facial Whip in 'Spotlight', Eyelid Primer, 
Tone Correcting Concealer in 'Ivory' and Complexion Perfection (studio line).

Some of these i love some i really dislike, but lets start off with the ones i love, the shimmering facial whip and the eyelid primer and brilliant, the facial whip is lovely for highlighting and not too sure what to say about the eyelid primer, its just a great primer and does the job nicely. Now onto the things i dislike, the tone correcting concealer is just rubbish, it does nothing, doesn't conceal anything nor does it correct any redness or whatever your using it for, to me its a pretty pointless product, onto the other product i dislike, the complexion perfection, i like the idea behind it however its just too far too chalky for my liking. As for the wrinkle refiner, I'll be honest i haven't even tried it yet, hoping to give it to my mum for her to test for me.

Conditioning Lip Balm SPF (studio line) in 'Peaceful Pink', High Definition Powder (studio line) in 'Translucent',
Cream Eyeliner (studio line) in 'Black' and Eye Brightener (mineral line).

These are all really great products, not much too say about them except they do exactly what they should do, and would probably repurchase all of them.

Eyebrow Treat and Tame (studio line) in 'Light', Eyebrow Stencil Kit and Eyebrow Kit (studio line) in 'light'.

These are also great products, however i haven't used them for a long time since i got them for when i was blonde, but if i ever go back blonde I'll be sure to use them again (if there still in date of course). The eyebrow stencils are okay but to be honest i probably wouldn't recommend them, i actually never use mine, i think i used them once and thought it was too much hassle so didn't bother again but there good for people who have no clue on how to shape there eyebrows.

 Elf's lip products are another thing that I'm really fond of, they have a good range of colours and most of which I've tried have been excellent, also I've noticed with these lip products anyway that the colour pay off is brilliant, especially for how reasonably priced they are. I have had alot of different lip products from elf but due to them finishing and not repurchasing or the odd few that i haven't liked, these are all i currently have.

Here's a closer look at the ones i own at the moment, 
Mineral Lipgloss
 (the mineral line is in my opinion the nicest out of all the lipglosses they sell).

Left to right, 'Au Naturale', 'Wild' and 'Pageant Princess'.
(I also used to own 'Sorority Girl' but it was a bit too dark for me so i gave it away)

These lipsticks are from the mineral line, much like the lipglosses, 
they are definitely my favourite out of all the lipsticks elf sell.

From left to right, 'Wild', 'Natural Nymph' and 'Pageant Princess'.

Matte Lip Colour From the Studio line.

 Matte Lip Colour in 'Nearly Nude'

I absolutely love all the lip products i own from elf and will be repurchasing pretty much all of them.

One thing i will say about Elf is that the writing tends to come off of alot of the products which is slightly annoying and also research what your going to buy first because as alot of people know, the websites swatches are terrible in most cases.

I also have alot of Elf's brushes and the brush cleaner which i also really like. Anyone that wants to get good quality affordable brushes i would definitely recommend the studio line brushes.

Well done if you made it this far haha,
 i know it was a long post but i hope it was informative and helpful!

To Purchase Elf make up click the links below to go to their websites.
Elf Cosmetics UK
Elf Cosmetics Worldwide

What are your thoughts on Elf cosmetics? 

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