Benefit 'High Beam' Dupe

Okay so i know they actually look a little different in the bottle as one is a little more pinky than the other but they are actually very similar, the packaging as you can see is also very similar. The 'benefit' one however is 13ml and the 'chit chat' one is 12ml, as shown below:

 They both have a very similar consistency, both quite thick and creamy. 
Here they are swatched for you to see the similarity:
And here they are blended out:

I think they are a great dupe for each other, the only big difference is the price, 'Benefit high beam' costs a pricey £19.50 and the 'Chit Chat' one is a absolute bargain at only £1.00, i got mine from a poundland shop but you can get them from most pound/99p shops. 

Also to those who dont have any pound shops near you, there is another dupe for the benefit high beam which is from a brand called 'Technic' which you can buy on amazon and various other websites online and also in bodycare shops if you have any of them near you, and i believe that one only costs around £2.50 so still a huge bargain compared to 'High Beam'.

To buy or read information on any of the highlighters mentioned then click the links below.

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